Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Food

I just wanted to say a word about this subject- Our food supply, can we trust it? My dd lent me this book to read. It is the kids version. As I read it I realized that I had already read the adult version. I think after I read it I tried to make better choices but money is always an issue. This time we also watched a couple of films about the subject and I became more concerned, especially about the gmo foods. I had heard of them but didn't realize that there was so much of it. That is when I decided that even if I have to cut back on other things I'm buying organic produce.

I was telling my daughter how there is a disconnect between what we saw on those films and what I see in the grocery store or when I'm eating my favorite junk food. I know they are bad for me but they taste good. It kind of feels like being healthy sometime is taking all the fun out of life and is this all really true anyway. Well I saw it with my own eyes in the films, not everything of course, but enough.

I just challenge you to find out for yourself.  One film was Food, Inc. and King Corn. You can get them from Netflix, they also have them on instant watch now. There are a lot of other ones too and a new one coming up soon about the whole small organic farm issue that's going on now. Enough said, just wanted to put it out there.

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