Monday, May 21, 2012

Ribs with Smoked Paprika Rub and Broccoli

I made ribs the other night using my dd's Smoked Paprika Rub. I used the coconut sugar. It was delicious. I put it on heavily. I want to try her burger recipe also.

Broccoli- I've been doing some research on fiber in veggies and broccoli is up there, so I'm going to make sure I have it more often. The fiber goes up on most of these veggie when they are cooked. Artichoke hearts, spinach and green beans are also high on fiber. It is not easy to get those 30 grams of fiber on a low carb diet. Beans and whole wheat are sources that I can't use so I'm also going to make sure I add flax meal and chia seed to my baking. Chia seed has a load of fiber higher than flax.

The sun is gone we had drizzle yesterday and looks like more of the same today.

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