Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mediterranean Style Veggies

Last night I made these Mediterranean style veggies. I saw this article on Keeper of the Home about this cooking style. I love the flavors of Mediterranean foods. I had some left over canned fire roasted tomatoes in my frig. and some of those baby zucchini, to that I added some frozen thin green beans and artichoke hearts. I par boiled the artichokes but the rest cooked together with the tomatoes and onions. I also added 1 fresh plum tomato. It was delicious. I have always liked crookneck squash with tomatoes and onion. My mother use to make it and I guess it must have come from her Portuguese roots so when I saw this article I knew I had to try this. I served it with almond flour crusted sole, fried in olive oil.

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