Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Garden is Growing

My snowball is blooming, one of the things I love about spring are the blooming shrubs especially in the northwest. Everything is growing.

 I have zucchini seedlings sprouting. I don't do seeds very often, but my dd gave me some organic seeds. If I have success with them I may try some more, it's cheaper than starts. I'm having trouble making my food budget stretch so I may be depending on my garden more this year. I hope the weather cooperates.

 My pots of chard, arugula and kale are growing. I'm waiting for it to get warmer to get tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. Last year I tried bush beans and want to try pole beans this year. I'm gradually each year trying a little more. It's a learning curve growing veggies in containers. After hearing about gmo's I've decided to only buy organic produce, so that is not helping my budget, but growing your own is one way to help.

My new flower bed is doing well I added this petunia and the foxglove has opened up.

I've got to repot some things and fertilize my containers, but at least I don't have to worry about weeds.

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