Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Decor in Living Room

I finally got around to redoing my living room for spring. I brought out the pillows I made a few years ago. They are so bright and spring like. Sorry the photos are kind of dark.

This beehive tea pot is purely for decoration, you can't actually use it, but I think it's cute and helps my garden theme.

I usually do a bird garden theme at this time of year. I've been working in my garden so I'm definitely in the garden mood.

My library table becomes a display table in front of the window at this time of the year.

My wicker chairs have seen better days, but I love the casual feeling they give to my living room and they also lend to that garden feel. You can see my needlework in near by I'm still working on that large piece. I've reached the bottom of it, but sill have to go back and finish the border and do all the outlining and straight stitches and beading.

A wheelbarrow full of pears and a little Victorian touch, velvet pansy's in a Mother's cup.

So this is kind of my bare bones decor at the moment I'll probably add to it as I think of things. My coffee table isn't in the photos because it was full of books and tea cups, but I really didn't do much to it anyway. 


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