Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Tasha Tudor Day

I started this little garden this year and in my mind it's my Tasha garden. Last year I bought a small lilac as my tribute to Tasha and said I planned to buy a new plant each year. This year it's my little garden, my latest addition is this Burgundy Coral Bells.

Next year I may add a bird bath. I have a spot that the sprinkler doesn't reach and so I thought a bird bath might be a nice solution.

I don't know if Tasha made cultured foods like sauerkraut, but I'm sure she would approve. I made my first batch of cultured veggies and I'm also making my own coconut milk kefir. I'm also making things for my freezer grass fed beef bone broth, cooked beans, quiche in a bag are a few of the things I have or plan to do.

I plan to pick up my crochet again soon, Christmas is coming. I want to make some round granny squares in bright colors for pot holders or christmas ornaments. I saw these ideas on Pinterest.

 Tasha has inspired me to create beauty in and around my home, but also to make is cozy and interesting. My granddaughter is coming over today and we will drink a cup of tea in remembrance to Tasha

A beautiful post for TTDay can be found at The Corgyncombe Courant and my dd's lovely post at Storybook Woods here. You'll find links in the comments to other blogs that have posted. Audrey Electic post says she is restarting her Tasha Tuesdays.

Happy Tasha Day Tashettes

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