Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Reading and Decluttering Books

I thought I'd share my Thanksgiving books that I'm reading before Thanksgiving is over. I've decluttered most of my books and I've told myself that anything I keep I have to have the intention of using unless it is a very special item I just want to keep, but even those I can't just keep them in a box or a drawer, I have to put them out and enjoy them or pass them on.

So I have a lot of reading to do. I pulled out 2 books to read, one is called "Drug Store Days" by Richard Armour about growing up as the son of a drug store owner. The store was founded by his grandfather, Armour Drug Store in Pomona, California in 1890. So far it's delightful. The other one is "Transfer Point" by Kathryn Forbes. She also wrote "Mama's Bank Account" which is a charming book. It inspired "I Remember Mama", so this one should be good too. It's published in 1947. I love old books.

I still have sewing/craft books and cookbooks to go through. I hope to do those in the next week or two and then it the Christmas decorations. I have way too many and hope to just keep the special ones.

I love children's books and like to set them out to add color and whimsy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 


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