Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Year

This is my den/guest room. I moved things around again. My desk is going to be my new quiet time space.
I've manage to squeeze a bed in this room but it is very cozy. I also keep reference books and binder in this room. The walk in closet is where I keep my office supplies and extra pantry items and now some of my Christmas decorations.

 This year I moved my laptop off of my desk. It's not ideal, but I'm using what I have. I like having my desk free for other things. I don't take my laptop all over the house. I like to have it in one spot along with the printer. I always use January to set up my files and booking for the new year.

I've taken down most of my decorations. I still have to do the tree today. I'm in a moving furniture mood, so I'm going to do some experimenting. I love to move things around, it makes it feel like a new room.

I've been thinking about goals for the new year, but really I'm still working on the same ones, lose weight, declutter, do a quiet time, get more exercise. For the last few years I haven't started the year with any great motivation to do something new.

Amanda on Always Amanda addresses it as a new chapter in her continuing journey. I like that and that is how I feel.

I don't do much for new years. I might stay up and watch the fireworks on tv and I might just go to bed with my book. lol. But Happy New Year to you all.

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