Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gardening Magazines and Seed Catalogues

I've been looking at old garden magazines. I'm still decluttering but it is getting me in the mood to think about the garden. My back porch is already full of pots. My kale is still growing and I have some onions in pots too. I really don't have a lot of room and I'm thinking maybe I should add some pots to my border in front of the porch. I don't plant in the soil because the lawn and garden service here sprays the lawn and I'm afraid that it seeps into the border.

I sent for a Territorial Seed catalogue and think I'll try starting some seeds this year. I found out last year at the farmers market that the zucchini with stripes on it is much milder and so I'd like to grow some of that. I would also like to grow some heirloom varieties, not sure what yet.

It's been discouraging the last few years because the summer heat has come very late in the season and the gardens have not produced much. You really need a greenhouse up here, but I still plan to try again. I think I need to look at cool weather crops like the kale.

Have you started thinking about your garden yet?

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