Friday, February 1, 2013

Diet Update-Sweets

 I've done well on no starch but have not lost weight so now I'm going to concentrate on no sugar.  I'm going to go back to stevia for my sweetener of choice, no honey and no coconut sugar and see if that makes a difference. NuNaturals is the brand we like for a better taste, Stevia can have a bitter aftertaste.

 Fruit is also high in carbs and so I'll stick to the low carb berries, no banana, no dried fruit,except no sugar dried cranberries.

 Dark chocolate is another place I get some sugar and so will try to only use the very very dark chocolate.

I try to also increase something good so I'm not just focused on not eating certain foods. So I need to continue to increase veggies. I've been having a salad every day and a serving a vegs. with my scrambled eggs for breakfast.

 I also also want to work on water again. I drink a lot of tea and I want to replace some of that with water.

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