Monday, February 18, 2013

Living in Paris

Just finished another Paris book. This one "A Family in Paris" by Jane Paech was quite interesting. It showed how different raising children in Paris is from here. They were from Australia and lived in Paris for about 6 years.

After reading this I don't think I could live in Paris. It is just to difficult to do the ordinary things like go to the Post Office.

She went back again 5 years later with one of her daughters and saw that there were a lot of changes, but also a lot was exactly the same.

I thought it was interesting that when they moved back home to Australia, they saw things as a French person would and had to readjust and when they went back for a 2 week trip they had to readjust again.

Her conclusion was that yes it was a difficult city in many ways but a beautiful one and many think worth the effort.

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