Friday, February 8, 2013

Small Accident

I had a little scare yesterday. My sweater caught on fire while I was cooking. I have a gas range and I have scorched things before and try to be careful. I have a microwave above the range and I reached up to check it and that is when it must have happened but I didn't know right away. I started to smell something burning but couldn't see it. By the time I saw what was going on I had a small fire on the side on the bottom of my sweater. I have to thank God for giving me the presence of mind to wipe off the sweater, a cardigan, throw it on the floor so I could stamp out the fire. Fortunately I had on thick soled shoes. I have a couple of small burns on my thumb, nothing bad and I'm putting coconut oil on it. I heard that it speeds healing.

So I learned two lessons from this incident. 1. Don't reach for the microwave while cooking below. 2. Wear my shoes all the time.

It also got me thinking about the whole issue of flammable fabrics. I could see afterwards that the sweater melted and was probably a pretty flammable fabric, something to think about.

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