Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hand Sewing

It's been raining here and cold but I've been snug in front of the tv hand sewing. I've been hemming and adding trims to my curtains. The only thing I did on the sewing machine was to add the band at the bottom. I love sitting and hand sewing and I don't like to sew on the machine. My back always starts hurting when I'm bend over the machine. So I put on a dvd and I can sew for hours. I keep adding things to these curtains because you can't really see the print across the room and they just look so plain. So I learned a lesson stand back when you are picking out fabric. I still have to line these so I'll be working on them for a while.

Do you like to hand sew. I know one of my granddaughters loves to hand sew and the other one like to use the machine.


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