Saturday, March 9, 2013

Diet Conclusions

I saw my doctor yesterday and the low carb diet brought my cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetic numbers all down to very good ranges. I didn't lose very much weight. So I think I need to continue this way of eating as I'm doing it to keep those numbers down, but the weight loss is going to be very slow and could even stop unless I do more.

My next phase isn't till next week and I plan to add exercise. We've had a few nice days and I could start walking. My doctor suggest I walk inside a large store like Walmart on cold days. I also plan to continue to try and eat more veggies and drink water. I have been a real slug lately so the exercise may make a difference.

I decided if I'm going to eat this way long term I need to have a day once in a while, with a treat. I think that will help me to stick to the no starch, no sugar.

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