Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stacking China and Glass

One day when my dd was over we were talking about decorating and I mentioned that I only had one place in the kitchen, in front of the corner window, for display. She said she would do something on the bar area which I don't really use except to drop things that should go elsewhere.

 She likes to stack things and we pulled out some stuff and this is the result. I think it's pretty cute.

 The little dome in the middle is suppose to be for cheese. It has a glass cake plate under it and under that is a sugar bowl.

This is a small square cake stand with this cover from another cake plate.

The bottom of that cake plate we put in my glass cake stand for color. I was thinking about maybe adding some ribbons on top to bring in some of the red but

next to it I make this little display and so that brings in the red and I get to display my new towel and tea pot that my dd's got me.

I also ended up moving the iron stand that was in the corner behind, it was to cluttered looking, so this is it's new home.

It's funny how when you do one thing it affects the rest of the things around it. I'm hoping to get some fake flowers for my kitchen window display and then I think I'm done with my kitchen.

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