Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kits, Lists and Filling Shelves

I redid my 72 hour emergency kit in a backpack. I added a one week kit in a duffel bag for my car. It has a change of clothes and more food. The kits are very minimal. I created a little notebook for my purse with all the phone #'s I might need. I checked my supply of batteries, water and propane. There are other things I might buy later on.

I already had what I needed for those power outages that were short in duration, but I added more canned foods in case I lost power for longer and lost my freezer foods. I think I have enough food that I wouldn't stave for 3 months, but I'm making lists and trying to figure out if I really do.
I like making lists. I made a list of the foods I use and marked those that are essential. I'm making an inventory list of what food and non food items I have. Next I will try and figure out how much I need of each essential item for 3 months. Then I'll make a shopping list to carry with me. I'll be looking for sales. I'm realizing how much water you need and I have enough for a couple of weeks.

We can't always satisfy all our needs but that's motivation to find those bargains or make it yourself. The couple in the book I was reading learned some new skills as the year went on. I look forward to the challenge of making more things myself. My dd and I were just talking about making Greek yogurt which can be pricey. So there is a lot to consider before buying. I'm learning this process.
I'm going to make black bean chili today and freeze part of it. I also want to make some traditional meat sauce for pasta.

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