Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lavender, Lady's Mantle and Roses

I grow a few things in my tiny garden that can be harvested and dried for use in my home all year. Right now the old fashioned roses are in bloom and I like to let the petals dry in a bowl. They keep their fragrance very well.

The lady's mantle flower makes a pretty lime green filler for bouquets, it also dries nicely. It is actually an herb. Mine has gotten really large and it's easy to divide.

The one I prize the most is the lavender. I have dried lavender from several years ago that I still use even though the fragrance is gone. I just love the look of it. I have a bunch right now on my coffee table tied with a silk ribbon and draped over a china bowl. The house smells wonderful when you first pick the lavender. So I have little bouquets here and there.

I like decorating with natural things and putting them with antique linens and china. I like to bring the outside in. My decorating style is casual. I use a lot of wicker and baskets.

We live not too far from an area of lavender farms, they will have the lavender festival in a few weeks. It's a beautiful sight. You can get lavender ice tea and ice cream. Yum.


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