Monday, June 29, 2009

Sauces in the Freezer

I already make my own low carb barbecue sauce and freeze it in small batches, so I wanted to think of some other sauces I could freeze. I cook in small amounts so it's nice to be able to grab just enough of that barbecue sauce for my baby back ribs and not have to make it. I want to make it myself because I think it's healthier and sometimes cheaper, but not always.

I've been looking for a teriyaki sauce and have found there are a lot of different version. I found one on Fox by Tyler Florence that I like so I'm going to try that one. This is really a marinade. I would also like to find something that is more of a glaze, but I'm trying this one for now.

Two sauces that would be good with left over cook chicken are curry sauce, I like the version with sour cream in it and enchilada sauce. I made the enchilada sauce last week and wasn't sure I liked it, but it seemed to get better every day. I guess it's one of those sauces that is better as it ages and mellows.

My reason for just freezing the sauce is it takes up less room and I can make one batch of sauce and use it for different recipes. This is part of my strategy for enticing me to eat right. For people with a bigger family I would double the recipes or even triple them.

So I'm on the look out for other sauces I could freeze. I'm not doing white sauce, cheese sauce because I know how to make those without a recipe and they are so easy. Also I'm not sure how well a creamy sauce freezes. I'm thinking I should leave the sour cream out of the curry and add it as I'm using it.

I have seen the idea of putting your raw meat in a freezer bag with a marinade and then freezing it and I want to try that too, but right now all my meat is frozen. One was a chicken with a Dijon marinade that sounded good.

Some of the marinades are really easy to throw together but you might not always have the ingredients on hand and so making them ahead and freezing them means you will always have them available.

So it's all about convenience but also health and frugality.

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