Monday, July 13, 2009

Schedules and What Can You Do In 15 Mins.

Passionate Homemaker inspired me with her simple schedule and I'm making a few changes to my schedule.

1. I'm writing a to do list of 5 things in the evening for the next day.

2. I'm having a devotional time the hour before lunch after morning work done.

3. After breakfast I'm doing prep work for dinner.

4. After dinner I think about the next days dinner and if I have to pull anything from freezer or do anything.

5. After lunch is my time to get on here.

6. I'm striving to have my meals at regular times, the same every day and I've added a forth meal tea to try and help with the munchies I've been struggling with.

I already have a weekly schedule and morning and evening routines but the early morning walk had thrown my schedule off, so I had to make some adjustments to make my schedule work again. I'm hoping these changes will get me back on track. I've always had trouble having a devotional time first thing in the morning, so I think having it just before lunch will work better for me. Passionate Homemaker talked about having an hour with her daughter after her morning work and I thought if she can have an hour with her daughter I should be able to have an hour with the Lord. She gets up very early for her devotional time, but that won't work for me.

I like the fact that she only has 5 things on her "To Do" list for the day. The "To Do" list is in addition to the daily and weekly chores already on the schedule. My schedule has always been flexible. Today my granddaughter asked if I'd take her shopping for a gift for her mom. I wasn't going to say no I have to do laundry today and then I ended up inviting her sister to stay the night. So I will catch up on the schedule as the week goes on. Because I don't have a heavy schedule I can do that and even thought this is looking like it's going to be a busier than usual week it really is not the end of the world if some things don't get done. I always know what my priorities are and what needs to get done.

I struggled over the years to stay on a schedule. I think FlyLady helped me to develop habits that keep doing certain things daily even if my schedule varies and I learned over the years what doesn't work for me. I may still fall off the schedule or go through periods of not wanting to have a schedule, but I still get the basics done. I really use the schedule when I'm feeling I need more structure, but sometimes I don't want that structure. It works for me.

One of the most important things I learned (I think from FlyLady) was to use my timer. When I don't feel like doing anything I set the timer for 15 mins. and work until the timer goes off and then I set it for another 15 mins. and I can do whatever I want for that time and I go back and forth like that. Often I get into a job and just keep going.

FlyLady talks about how much you can get done in small amount of time. There was a testimonial recently about a lady that painted her house inside and out in 15 min. segments. It took her 2 years but she did the whole thing. Daily she painted for 15 mins. no longer and no less. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of using the timer for much bigger jobs. So I'm thinking now what do I need to tackle that I could do this way. I've been putting off degreasing my kitchen and I always put off deep cleaning so that may be where I start. Just 15 mins. a day I can do that.

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