Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update on Healthy Habits

I wanted to do an update on my healthy habits.

I'm still walking. I'm up to 35 mins. now.

I'm drinking 4 glasses of water now.

  • I'm still making and eating my yogurt for breakfast and this morning I decided to start adding flax seed to it.

  • I'm back to doing salads, I didn't eat them for several days.

  • I'm not doing as well on veggies. But this morning I'm cooking some baby green beans to put in my salad tonight.

  • I think I've been eating too much fruit because I've gained weight, so I'm cutting back to just a 1/4 c. in my yogurt.

  • Haven't done the raw foods yet, except the salad of course

  • I'm struggling a bit with the low carb. I'm not eating starch, but nibble on trail mix which is really to sugary. On a low carb diet you have to eat more fat or you will be starving all the time and that is kind of hard to do, so I'm working on it.

  • I haven't been keeping my bedtime of 11 because I get on here late. I have to work on that.

  • I do see that on the days I don't drink tea or coffee I drink more water, so I try to keep it to 1 or less, doing pretty good.

  • Get more sunshine and fresh air, except for my walk I haven't done anything about this one.

  • Strength training- haven't started this yet, but plan to this fall.

  • Greens-I tried them and didn't like them that well. It is an acquired taste. I do like spinach and have that in salads. It may be easier to incorporate greens in the fall and winter.

So I started another blog Fit For Him to track my healthy habits. It is helping.

My diabetes is liking the walking but when I come home I'm tired and it has thrown off my schedule so I'm working on getting that back on tract and tweeking it. I'll write about that next time.

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