Friday, November 20, 2009

Decorating with Garden Furniture

I wanted to display my tea things and I didn't have anything to use or a lot of room in my dining room. One day I looked at these little shelves that I was using to hold plants and decided to sacrifice it's use as a plant holder and see if it would work for my tea pots. I loved it. At first I had all my tea pots and fancy cups on it, but I found they got dirty and dusty so when I had room I put them in a closed cabinet and now I use it for tea pots that are decorative only.
I have used a lot of "garden or porch furniture" in my house because I found myself with a lot of rooms to furnish and no furniture. I really like the wicker and iron used in some porch furniture because it's smaller in scale for my smaller home and it gives a casual feel.
This is all about making do with what you have. Look around your house and garden with a creative eye and see what you can use for a different purpose. If you look under my tables that are draped with a cloth you never know what you will find underneath. In my craft room I used a hamper as an end table. I have a small round green bistro table covered with a sheet and topped with a nice red plaid table cloth in my reading corner in the dining room and next to it is an outdoor iron and wicker chair covered up with cushions. This chair was thrown out by a friend and my dd took it, then she gave it to her sister and now I have it and it is still going strong.

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