Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Days Til Christmas-Santa Collection and Christmas Memories

One of my first Christmas collections was Santa's. The forth one down was my first Santa and is still my families favorite because they remember it from their early childhood. A few years ago I decided to scale down some of my Christmas decorations and got rid of some of the Santa's I just kept the ones that either had the most meaning for me or were the ones I liked the best. I don't collect them anymore, I moved on to Snowmen which I will show in another post.
It all started with ornaments. My mom like so many let me pick out a special ornament every year. I still remember our trips to the city, as we called it, San Francisco. We lived in a small town in northern California. Those trips were so special. We went to see the decorated windows and all the exciting things in the stores, that our small town didn't carry. What is your special Christmas memory?

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