Thursday, December 3, 2009

22 Days til Christmas-Holiday Tea & Shopping Traditions

Since I discovered Harney & Sons Holiday Tea I have had to get it every Christmas, so this has become one of my traditions. It is a lovely chore because the knit and tea shop I get it at is so lovely. I had to use restraint not to buy yarn because they have really nice yarn. The shop was busy with people knitting and shopping. I saw some buttons that would be wonderful for my shawl when I finish it. It is certainly a place that is inspiring for tea and knitting.

They have a great selection of tea things too. They also have a new tea Steven Smith Teamaker He is making a special blend for them but it isn't done yet, they are deciding on flavors. They had a sampler pack of his tea so I got some to try. My dd has invited me to tea Sunday and so we are going to try it.

I was with my gd and we were doing our annual Christmas shopping trip, another tradition. Once the girls got older it was hard to know what they wanted and so I started taking them out and they point out things and I make a list, then I go back and shop. I have to brag about my gd's they are 13 and 18 and so much fun to be around. I always enjoy their company. Recently I was talking to a couple of ladies who have 13 yo dd's and I said isn't 13 a fun age, they both looked at me like I was crazy. lol. I really meant it, they are becoming women and it is a lot of fun to watch them grow up and develop.

I'm deep into decorating and trying to pace myself.

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