Monday, December 28, 2009

Redecorating For The New Year

I saw the idea of the doors on the mantle at The Inspired Room. I tried to find the exact post, but couldn't find it. As soon as I saw it I said I have to do that with my doors. I love how it turned out. Edit I found the post here.

So I usually after Christmas decorate with an early spring look. I think after all that glitter, red and green I want something lighter. I also wanted to keep some lights for those dark days. Every time I redecorate I usually put out a few books. This time I put out some of my garden books, keeping in mind that I was going to study some of my garden books this winter.

I wasn't going to take down the decorations so soon, but I got an idea for rearranging the furniture that I wanted to try. Also I always redo my files and budget book in Jan. and I wanted to have the house in order first. So I can get started on organizing the files right after the New Year.
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