Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Habit

On organizing Your Way they had a post about "Starting a New Habit" I really didn't do any resolutions this year. I felt like I had several projects I wanted to work on and that was enough. However, I've been neglecting my diet and I know one reason why I haven't been eating well is because I haven't been in the kitchen cooking enough. My mornings fly by and then I'm tired so my new habit is something I was doing until I got off track and that is to do prep work for my meals later that day and maybe even later in the week. I decided right after breakfast is the best time while I'm already in the kitchen.

She wants you to make yourself accountable so I'm posting on my kitchen blog as a way of doing that. I posted today about the pot roast in the picture above.
If you check out the link she has some other ideas about how to stick with your new habit.
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