Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm still working on bringing color to my living and dinning rooms. My dd lent me some strawberries she had to add to my wreath and my coffee table. I want to make some of these myself. My dd told me they are easy. I've also been looking for fabric to recover pillows. So far I've found a couple of pieces, but I need more. I want to do a patch work like the ones my dd is letting me borrow. The strawberry napkin in the picture under the cake plate would be the center.

I've also been working on decluttering and organizing my craft room, magazines and another closet. I tend to organize and not get rid of anything, but I'm trying. I don't buy magazines anymore, but have some old ones that I keep for crafting and some just to read. I have a lot of old Country magazines. I love to read those and Reminisce. I've also kept a lot of the old Country Living one of my favorite magazines and Country Home.

I'm working on my granny's will post about those later this week.

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