Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gift Wrap Center

I've created a little gift wrap center for myself. I had a small desk in my bedroom that wasn't really being used and I got the idea to move it into a little nook next to the closet in the children's library. I keep all my gift wrap supplies in that closet. So even though it's not a very big surface I think it will work out. I also put all my notepaper and cards in the draw so it will be an ideal place to write a note or send a card. The two bags hold tissue in one and lengths of cut ribbon in the other and the little basket has stickers in it.
At the same time I decluttered this closet and my gift wrap supplies. I found out I had a lot of gift boxes and tissue I didn't know I had. So those big boxes have gift bags in one, paper in one and gift boxes in one. I have the rolls of ribbon in the basket and a big box on the floor for tissue.
I also keep all my Christmas gift wrap on the top shelf and I want to go through that also, but will keep it separate from the regular gift wrap.
Because of moving this little desk I ended up doing some other moving and rearranging finishing off the rooms I had repurposed in Jan. I'll have some pictures on my house blog later. Don't have time right now. Edit new pictures here.
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