Friday, April 16, 2010

Granny Squares Scarf

This is my gd. I finished the scarf I was making for her. She wanted it long, so I just kept adding squares until we thought it was long enough and then I put the border, a simple one on it. I've use up a lot of my yarns now, so I have to decided If I want to buy more of the same for the next project or switch to something else. I'm thinking I would like to switch things up a bit, but it all depends on what I decide to do for my next project. There are several things I want to do. I think with my left over yarn I'm going to try doing the ripple design and see how hard it is. Here is a link to the pattern. Here is also a link to the bag I would like to make also.
It was a beautiful day here today. A good day to get outside. I went to the nursery and they were mobbed. Have a good weekend.
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