Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puttering Around the House & Lavender Bouquets

I've been doing a lot of puttering, decluttering, simplifying and organizing. I just cleaned up my garage and reorganized things a bit. I decided to put little lavender bouquets on the nightstands in the master and the guest room, so you get that lovely relaxing lavender smell as you drift off to sleep. I'm enjoying using my lavender spray in the bathrooms. I spray it on after I've cleaned. I think it would be nice to put a little lavender oil on a cotton ball and push it down into the bouquet as this lavender is old. I'll replace it with new lavender when it blooms this year. The lavender scent never seems to go completely away. I had this bunch in a storage box and it smelled lovely when I opened it. Putting your old lavender in drawers would be very nice and everything in that drawer would smell so good. I love lavender. Using the oil in the bath is a great way to relax too.
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