Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Stewardship

I've had this blog Kitchen Stewardship on my reader for some time, but never really understood what she was trying to do until I started to really look at her site.

She has a list of missions to help you have a healthier home and eat healthier. Her missions are baby step missions and you know I like baby steps. I love this kind of thing. Evey Monday is a new mission. She's doing MSG today, getting rid of it.

A lot of her missions I'm already doing, but most of them I'm not. There are a lot of things I've thought of doing but haven't and she gives you the motivation to try and do them, like getting rid of some of the plastics that are toxic or including the super foods into your diet.

So this week I'm working on the plastics, just checking to see if any of the ones I'm using are the bad ones.

I've already checked for HFCS and found my canned pears and bread crumbs had it. The mayo has soy oil in it which is an omega 6 and they say we get too much of it. So I've been saving the heals of my bread and making my own bread crumbs, the pears are really for emergencies supplies. I'll have to see if I can find a mayo with out soy oil, make my own, or find a substitute.

The photo is one of the few flowers in my garden right now a box of violets. They did rather well this year.

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