Monday, May 3, 2010

Color Schemes

As I'm puttering around the house I'm thinking about my color scheme in each room. My rooms are all beige walls and beige carpet, so any color has to come from the furnishing and accents.

In my living room I decided earlier this year that I need more color and something brighter and so I made the patchwork pillows with lots of bright colors. I pulled out the red, pink and aqua and a tiny bit of the line green. I put mostly the red on my mantle with just a touch of the aqua. I made those granny square pieces that brought in all the colors.

My living room and dinning rooms are attached so I carried these colors into the dinning room by making an arrangement of objects on the table with my colors. I added a shelf to the top of a pine amoire I have in there and put objects in it with my colors.

My kitchen is partially open to the dinning room and I already had a blue and red color scheme in there, but I had additional colors on the top of my cabinet and so when I was puttering one day I took all that down and put up blue china to reinforce my colors.

So as I'm going around the house I'm trying to create color schemes for each room. I tend to decorate more by theme. My den has a bird theme and sort of a color scheme, but there is a lot going on in that room and the color scheme isn't obvious. So I want decide what it should be and work on making it more dominate.

I also want to do this with my craft room which is a hodge podge right now.

My master has a nice color combo of cranberry red, a light slate blue and a very pale pink. I have curtains with a print that has all those colors in it. A fabric or a picture is a good way to develop a color scheme. I was watching Sarah's House and she said she always takes the color out of her fabric or wall paper that is the smallest and uses that as her accent.

My puttering is leading to a lot of other things.

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