Monday, May 10, 2010

Crocheted Bag

This is my latest project completed. It was easy to do and another Attic24 project. The link is here . I had a nice Mother's Day and I had to take the ferry. I used my new bag to hold some extra clothes and it worked perfectly. I was a little afraid the handles would stretch, but they didn't. I followed her pattern exactly except I made my handles longer, because I wanted a shoulder bag. I might make it a little narrower. I'm kind of a loose crocheter and I think she may have used a smaller hook. I used a 4. The flowers were fun to make. I'd like to make some pins out of them.
I've used up most of my yarn and the colors I have left aren't my favorites, so I'm going to start collecting the colors I want for my lap robe. I'm going to do the flower garden pattern with pink and red flowers and the blue and green background. I'm not going to make it too big, because it gets expensive. I'm sticking with my Cascade Superwash because it's one of the more reasonable good yarns. I wanted to do an alpaca or cashmere, but too pricey.
I love crocheting. I was going to take a break from it, but I enjoy it too much to stop. It's sort of addictive.
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