Friday, May 14, 2010


I love my snowball bush. It was one of the first things I planted when I moved here. We are past our frost date now and so I'm starting to work on my back porch container plants. I've planted one of those upside down pots for tomatoes. I put a Sweet 100 in it with little mini petunias on top. I also planted in regular pots two more tomatoes a Roma and a Yellow Pear. One of my other favorites is Lemon Cucumber so I got one of those and I'm going to try some Bush Beans this year. I replaced some of the herbs that died.
I've been reading a gardening book that someone suggested called "Gardening Anywhere" by Alys Fowler. She suggests that if you are starting a new garden you go slowly and find out what works for your garden before you spend too much money. So I'm going to think a little more before I do much more. I really need to do some cleaning up of some asters in my garden that are taking over and my large rosemary keeps dieing a little more each year so I'm thinking I should take it out.
As you can tell we have had some warm and sunny days lately, but that doesn't mean the rain or grey is over. You have to take advantage of the nice days because they don't alway stay for long.
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