Monday, May 31, 2010

Reading and Thinking

I'm sitting here enjoying my Spiced Coffee. It turned out very good. The link is here in previous post.

I've been reading a blog that I loved and printed up. She is no longer blogging, but I liked to reread it every once in a while. I was thinking about how much I've learned from other peoples blogs. I find them very inspirational. This lady lived and wrote about many of the things I'm trying to do. Others have written about the same things, but so many of her ideas were right on with what I want my life to be.

I was reading some of her posts on seasonal ideas and schedules. She changed her schedule with the seasons. I've never thought about it, but I guess it's true that life changes with the seasons. I'm walking every day I can and playing with my container garden, my cooking has changed to seasonally fresh and lighter foods. Days are a lot longer so I wake up earlier.

I was thinking as I read that we can celebrate the change or we can ignore it. Celebrating change makes life more interesting and changing things like the decor give daily life a fresh new feeling.

Tomorrow is considered by some as the beginning of summer although the official day isn't until later in the month. So I want to think about how I can celebrate summer and enjoy the season. Last year I did a lot of preserving of produce and I want to make a list for myself of what worked and what didn't and make plans to try some new things this year. I also want to, later in summer, do some more things with herbs. I had a lot of fun with them last year. I think I need to clean out the freezer to have room for new stuff. Freezing tomatoes didn't work well. I think this time I'll stick with the sauce and freeze it. I learned how slimmy some veggies can get.

I'm hoping my walks will turn into longer jaunts of enjoying the outdoors.

What are your plans for summer?

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