Thursday, June 3, 2010

How I Like My Homemade Cleaning and Bath Products

I have been wanting to get some kind of a cheese shaker to put my baking soda in. Someone was talking the other day about cleaning their cups with baking soda and that reminded me that it would be a lot easier to do if I had a shaker, so I got this one at my local grocery store. The top is rubber and when you push in the center it exposes the holes. So now I can just shake on a little baking soda when I want to clean a cup or my sink.

I also wanted to show off my new Anthropology cup. My dd got it for me, she has one just like it.

I just made my second batch of bath bombs. I like them and use them instead of bubble bath.

I'm also liking the shampoo I made and so far my hair looks and feels very good.

The deodorant works really well, I haven't smelled since I started using it.

The toothpaste seem to be working. My only reservation with it is that a lot of it ends up in the sink and it is primarily coconut oil. I wonder if it is clogging up my plumbing. Also I made it with spearmint because I feared peppermint would be too strong, but actually the spearmint isn't strong enough,you don't get the refreshing feeling in your mouth. So I'll use the peppermint next time.

My cleaning products are working well, except sometimes I just need something a little stronger, I don't have the elbow grease to scrub real hard. The bathtub is one area that I've started to use a natural cleaner from the store when the soap scrum builds up. So I'm still learning. Here is the link to my orginal post for the bath and body products.

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