Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Back Porch

I've been working on getting my back porch pulled together. I've been planting a lot of herbs and flowers along with a few veggies. I decided this year to mix the plants together in some of the pots. So I have herbs and flowers in the same pots. I usually separate them. We'll see how that works. I use the old step stool as a place for some of my herbs.

I started thinking about how many herbs I had to buy last year for my teas and remedies I wanted to try. I can grow them all, but I'm definitely growing a lot more herbs this year. They don't get that big in pots and with our short summer, so I'm getting more than one of the ones I use a lot of like lemon balm.

I have a few veggies, but not a lot. I've done well with tomatoes and lemon cucumbers in the past so I'm doing those. I'm trying bush bean this year to see how they do in a pot. My garlic hasn't been harvested yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they did. My porch isn't very big as your can see so I can't do things that really spread like squash.

If the garlic does well I would like to try onions next time. So far we are having a cool year, but hopefully we will have enough heat for these plants to thrive.

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