Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was shopping with my gd today in an antique shop and I saw this cup. I immediately recognized it as the same as a set my mom had. It's English bone china, but she got the set in Canada. It was one of her favorites. When she died and we divided up her things someone else got this, so I was thrilled at the chance to get the cup. Every time I look at I'll remember my mom. Do you have things that remind you of a loved one that is gone?

I've officially started my Christmas shopping. I found a few things while my gd and I were looking around. I'm determined I won't end up buying more for myself than for others. In fact I want to make most of my gifts, but I will buy a few things.

Fall really feels like its her now. I'm seeing the trees start to change color and there are leaves starting to fall. The pumpkins have come to the grocery store. When I was there yesterday they were unloading huge boxes of them. Have you seen the knotty head pumpkins. I'm adding pumpkins and gourds to my decorations. I'll put some pictures on my Around the House blog. I got a beautiful light blue one.

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