Monday, November 22, 2010

Posy Pin

I finally put together that charming crocheted pin from Attic 24. I put this one of my dd's birthday gift. I want to make some more of these. They are pretty easy to put together, but take a little time to put all together.

We have snow. The first of the season. It's not sticking on the streets yet, but we have about an inch now. It's been on and off all day.

I put out a pile of Christmas books to read. I read all the new ones I got. I've also started a new crochet project. I wanted to use up some of the yarn I've had for a while. I've been wanting to make this lap robe I saw that is one big granny square. You just keep adding on until you get to the size you want. I had some chunky blue variegated yarn that I bought a while ago. It's cheaper yarn so I want to use it up and I thought this would be a good project for it. I'm using the biggest crochet needle that I had.

I'm doing my shopping tomorrow for food, if I can get to the store. I always make a couple of sides. This year it's easy and simple, stir fry green beans with chopped ham and a green salad. I'm bringing some really good ice cream that we like in an appropriate flavor. I have to see what they have. I know that have pumpkin. My dd is cooking up a storm. We almost always go over to her house. A few times I had it here, but it seems to work better at her house.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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