Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Wreath

I've been having trouble with my laptop again, so I meant to have decorating photos up by now, but here are the ones of my wreath over my fireplace. This was my starting point. I had this idea of doing little tussy mussy's of lavender and using lime green ribbon. I couldn't get the lime green I wanted, but it turned out pretty well. I've added some purple and white small ornaments, balls, since I took this photo just to give it a bit more bling and sparkle. I hope to get more photos ready and posted soon.

We decorated a gingerbread house and sugar cookies this last weekend. We had icing all over us. I keep trying even though my gingerbread house decorating looks like a 3 year old did it. We always get the premade houses. My granddaughters have decided the last few years to do cookies instead. I'm the only one that does the house. We listened to Christmas music and watched The Miracle of Johnathan Tooney. They have the book and the movie was great.

I've got most of my gifts wrapped and under the tree. Just a few things to finish up. Then I have to start thinking about food. I'm suppose to make either green beans and chestnut or stuffed artichokes plus I'm going to try and make an orange flourless chocolate cake. I just have to figure out how I want to add the orange.

I started out not really into decorating, but after I got started I just kept adding so ended up with a lot more than I expected. I may add the rest of the decorating photos to my around the house blog, so if you don't see them here look there. Link in on my side bar, when I get it done I'll add a link here.

We are having our celebration 2 days early so I have to prioritise my time. Sorry I haven't had time to read blogs, but hope to catch up after the holidays. Here's the link Around the House

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