Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Think Like a Chef

Because we had our Christmas celebrations a few days early I am already into the goal setting mode for the new year. I got a new cookbook for Christmas "Think Like a Chef" by Tom Colicchio. He is the head judge on Top Chef. Anyway I was thinking I needed to work on my cooking skills. After so many years of cooking just for me I feel like I've lost some of my cooking  skill. His book starts off with a chapter on techniques and he talks about roasting, braising and blanching. His take on some of these is a little different than the standard. He believes in low and gentle cooking for better flavor and texture. So I bought a whole chicken today and I'm going to try his roasting method this week and I hope to improve my cooking skills this year and plan to be in the kitchen more. I have my ups and downs where cooking in concerned. Lately I'm been eating a lot of frozen foods, not wanting to cook. I cook for other people but getting myself to cook for myself can be a challenge at times. So that is one of my goals. I hope to post on my kitchen blog what I am learning.t

I've started taking down a few of my decorations, but I'm not ready to take them all down. I'm just doing a few each day. The girls and I are going to see Dawn Treader this week. They saw it in 3D and want to see it again, but we won't be seeing it in 3D, just regular.

I'm not out shopping the sales but I may go later this week. I'm not really a sale shopper, unless there is something I need. I feel like I just spent a lot of money and need to economize for a while. I'm planning on making Jan. a no spend month except for my gd's birthday.

Yesterday I took down the Santa's and Snowmen that were in my bookcase that holds all my garden books. I set out some of the garden books to display them and I was thinking as I was doing this that I should read some of them and start planning next years garden. We had a cool wet summer for the most part. It got warm late and things just never had a chance to grow much, but hopefully next year will be better. So I haven't given up, yet on the container garden idea. I will give it another shot this year.

I never do anything for New Year, just watch the fireworks on tv, but hope everyone has a good time if you are celebrating and pray your new year will be a blessed one.



Manuela@TPOH said...

Sounds like a good book! I'm not fond of cooking - at the moment I'm rather tired of it:)

Wishing you a very happy New Year!


Storybook Woods said...

I am going to have to look at this after you are done witt it. I am glad it is inspiring you xoox Clarice