Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Love of Art

Thought I'd show you some photos of what decorating I did after the Christmas things came down. These are unphotoshopped photos. I've had to reinstall my photoshop software. I want to learn to do picnic, but wanted to get these up. They say we are going to have an early spring so I will change things again when that happens.

I decided to go with an art theme on my mantle. I love to put out books on different subjects. Last week my gd's and I did art projects. One gd has started an art journal and I was saying I'd like to do that and so we all did it while they were staying with me. I'm not showing photos of mine because they looked like a grammar school kid did them, but I did a page with watercolors of the Statue of Liberty and did a couple of sketches of my gd. It was lots of fun and I think I should do this more often.

I've always loved art and use to wish I had the talent for it. Monet has been one of my favorites and I have several prints of his. I also love Van Gogh and Rembrandt. When we use to travel I got the thrill of seeing some of the great art galleries of Paris and other places.

I'm still working on my diet and working out. I've been making soups, Asp last week and Broc Cheddar this week. I'm cleaning out my freezers. A lot of the stuff I tried to freeze didn't work that well. I think I'll be on this diet for quite a while and so I'm getting rid of the stuff I can't eat that has already been in the freezer too long. I'm finding if you don't use the things in your freezer in a timely manner they don't have very good flavors or texture. The FoodSaver that I got helps a lot.

Rhonda at down-to-earth had a great post yesterday about slowing down. I've been feeling rushed lately and it was a good reminder to relax and enjoy my day. The chores will get done eventually and I always got the truly necessary things done. Dusting is one of those things that doesn't get done very often.

I'm reading Suzanne Somer's new book and she is talking a lot about toxins and how they can hinder our losing weight. I was happy to see that I've made a lot of changes in that area and I think I am doing pretty good. It did make me think I should be washing my veggies and I said I was going to do that but I never felt I had the time. She says if you don't have one of the veggie washes that you can soak them in water and vinegar or lemon juice. I guess that's better than nothing but the Bioclean veg wash is suppose to be very good at getting at the stuff off.

Have a good week and stay warm. We are kind of cold here but have been having sun and no snow.


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