Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

The photo is a runner my dd brought me back from San Diego. It goes beautifully with my lavender place mats. So I have a little spring in my dining room.

I'm doing well on my diet. I lost the l 1/2 that I had regained and a little more. So I hope I'll continue to lose.
I'm having fun trying new recipes. I started making creamed soups out of vegges using basically the same recipe. This week I tried Mushroom Soup that was made with both fresh and dried mushrooms. It was really good, very mushroomy. 

This morning I tried making a frittata with zucchini grated, onion and fresh tomato chopped as a garnish. It also had parm. cheese sprinkled on top before placing in the oven. It called for fresh herbs which I didn't use, to lazy to cut some, but I wish I had. I think I need a smaller fry pan to make this because they normally are made for several people and mine turned out kind of thin. I'm making Florentine Eggs next which is a slice of ham put into a muffin pan and you put in a spoonful of defrosted chopped spinach and top it with an egg and grated cheddar cheese and bake. These are SS recipes.

Besides dieting and exercising I've been decluttering. I started thinking I should scale down my possessions with the economy the way it is you never know I might have to move into something smaller some day.  I'm still cleaning out freezer and the closet in my den and now a bookcase in the den. I have a bunch of old mags. that I think I'm going to start putting into the recycle bin until they are all gone. I never look at them. If I keep any they will be the special ones to me. I love my old Country mags. I think I'll find a place for the ones I want to keep and tell myself that I can only keep what fits in that spot.

I haven't been working on my crocheted purse, just haven't been in the mood, but I'm almost finished with it .I've been printing up and saving up new crochet ideas which I would like to try. I just finished reading a series of mysteries with a crochet theme they got me even more excited about crochet. Now I'm reading another mystery series with a knitting theme. This morning I saw photos on a blog from the Tokyo quilt show. Oh my they were amazing. that is another one of those crafts I would love to do but every time I try I find it difficult. I can do a simple patchwork, but the ones in the photos were mostly appliqued. Also I find it hard to find time to do more than one craft at a time. I really shouldn't be spending money on yarns for a while so I'll have do finish up those UFO (unfinished projects). I have plenty of them. I would like to go get a Blackbird pattern book for cross stitch, they also have quilt patterns. I love there stuff, very primitive.

I don't think I've mentioned my new favorite tea by Stash  Decaf Creme Caramel and Decaf Vanilla Chai. Yummy. They've been on sale at my groc. st.

Well have a good week all and and a Happy Valentine's Day.

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