Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Would Ma Ingles Do?

We had some amazing clouds. I was going to an apt. when I saw them and was wishing I had my camera so instead I took this photo later in the day, not as good, but still give you the idea. There were these big billowy coulds everywhere. We seldom get that kind here and not so many.                                                             
I wanted to share that Audrey Eclectic has started a series called What Would Ma Ingles Do . I was excited
because I've been watching the shows on tv in the afternoons. Her first post is from The Long Winter so I decided to read it. I'm really enjoying it and learning how they got along on so little and how much we have. People are complaining about the cost of living going up and esp. food and are stocking up against the possibility of rising prices. It's seem like I've heard this before many times, but they might be right on this time. I think after the collapse of the economy last year we all take these warnings a little more seriously. I don't have the extra money to stock up right now, but will be looking for super deals on produce come spring. Someone on a forum I'm part of has been drying a lot of produce and I was thinking the soups I've been making would work really well for dried vegs. and so I want to do some of that.                                   

I'm still decluttering. I'm going to tackle bookbooks again. I have a hard time parting with them even though most of them I never look at. I'm determined to get rid of stuff I'm not using. I'm not sure what I'm goingt to do with the extra space, maybe some of my overflowing kitchen equipment could go on shelves with a curtain on top. Have a great week and keep warm. Enjoy a good book and then tell me all about it.

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