Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stocking Up and Cleaning

I got a good report from my doctor so I can relax a little about my weight loss. Not that I'm going to stop but that I won't feel so pressured now.

I've been decluttering this one bookcase that has a lot of household books and binders and I've been rereading some of them and getting rid of some. Anyway I was inspired to work on my schedule again. I put up a check list this week for daily tasks and added a few. It's been good to see that some of these things I really don't need to do daily like sweeping my kitchen floor. I guess I'm not that sloppy.

 I read about sanitizing and disinfecting and ended up buying some of those wipes that are disinfectant and I'm using those to wipe out my sinks and wipe down faucet daily also toilet seats. I found out by reading this that good old soap and hot water do a lot and that you don't have to kill every germ you just need to reduce them to a harmless level unless you have someone in your home that has a virus. Most viruses are transmitted through the air so a disinfectant spray or an essential oil burner might be helpful. But for day to day the disinfectant wipes are just a convenience. I had given them up but am going back to them because they are quick and easy.

Next week I'm making a check list of weekly chores and I'll just check them off as they get done and make a note of what day I did them. That way I can see what needs to be done or what didn't get done. I already have a weekly schedule but as live has changed that schedule isn't working anymore and so it's become catch as catch can. The list will make sure I know what's actually getting done.

I started dehydrating. I'm doing some mushrooms today and I'm going to do spinach and green beans. I found out that you can buy these packets that take out the oxegen and help keep them from molding. The food saver also has an attachment for canning jars that does the same thing. I want to get that. I think I mentioned before that I watched some UTube video's on dehydrating and was inspired to try it. I've done fruit before but didn't see the possibilities in vegs. until I watched the videos. She also has a web site that has the videos. dehydrate2store

I'm stll enjoying the Little House books. I've read the first book and am almost done with number two. It's been interesting to hear about all the things they made and how they did it. I didn't know that Ma made straw hats. It's been along time since I read these books. It's made me realize how little we really need and how we have so much excess. They were really excited when they were able to get anything they didn't make themselves and they really appreciated those things, but they valued hard work and independence too.

The photo is of a painting I got in Amsterdam. I told Heidi I would post it.
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