Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Comfortable and Nurturing Home

I'm getting in the spring cleaning mood, except that allergies are keeping me from doing it. I've been decluttering and trying to let go of stuff I don't really use. I was rereading some of the articles from down-to-earth and noticed her talking about wanting to make her home comfortable and nurturing and I started thinking instead of just trying to get rid of stuff, maybe I should be thinking in terms of is my home comfortable and nurturing. I think having it working well with a place for things so that you can find them is desirable but I don't think I have to worry about it being antiseptically clean and tidy. It always seems like as soon as I get rid of something I wish I had it back. I've been decluttering for several years now and so I don't have a cluttered house, but it is something you have to keep at because things keep coming in. So anyway I decided to not struggle so much with those books I want to keep and instead keep things reasonable tidy and if something starts to bug me that is probably a sign that I need to do something about it. Right now my garage is getting out of  control, but it's too cold now to get out there. I'm wanting to reorg. my kitchen again because some of the things I did last time aren't working so well now. I made room in the den closet for the vegs. that I'm dehydrating so that's done.

I think as soon as the weather is nice enough I want to start getting outside walking and thinking about the garden. The first day of spring is not that far off.

This is a quickie today because I'm not feeling well.

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