Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Reads and Pininterest

My current reading. Almost French by Sarah Turnbull is about her experience living in Paris, France as a expat and learning to deal with French culture. She met a Frenchman who invited her to come to Paris and she did and lived with him, they eventually married. Anyway she probably would have flown home happily after a few weeks if she wasn't in love. It was very difficult for her, but I found it fascinating to hear about how she coped.

Gluten-free Girl and the Chef by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern is another story of love, but very much about food and intermingled with recipes. I like the way they talk about food and cooking seasonally. They also have a blog. The book does talk about gluten free and celiac disease but it also just has a lot of good recipes and I find it very inspiring as far as cooking goes.

I think the fall spurt of energy is starting to kick in a little. Something I've done many time that I've decided to work on again, is really focusing on what ever I'm doing and trying to do the best job I can, instead of rushing though things and half doing them. I find I'm much more content when I'm in this mode.

We've had some rain and cooler days, so it does feel like fall now. I wanted to say a little more about Pininterest. As I've been using it more I've learned that it isn't just a collection of pictures. It's really a place to collect ideas. You create boards which you label like cooking or fall, and you pin any ideas that you find and want to keep onto your board. You can pin things from the site or you can pin ideas that you see as you are reading blogs. Why I like it is because I do a lot of printing to keep ideas and this way I don't have to print so much. Have you ever seen a great idea and then couldn't find it again, well this way you know just where to find it. You click on you pins (photos) and they take you back to the original source for the information about it like a recipe. This morning I made up a fall/autumn board with lots of inspiration.

Have a great week.
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