Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Fall Decorations

I've taken down the late summer/early fall look and brought out the pumpkins and candles.

I love this pumpkin farm picture and always bring it out at this time of year. I haven't bought any real pumpkins yet, but this is my collection of faux ones. Hanging from the ribbon is an acorn made out of a cow bell. I left the lace up because I'm using this tan lace as part of my displays.

The cat and the pumpkin were both gifts that were made for me. I haven't used them for a while and so thought I'd put them out this year. They look very Halloweenie.

This little pumpkin quilt was also made for me by a dear friend. I've been watching alot of dvd's from the library as I stitch so I decided to add a tray to corral everything.

I should have cropped this photo but I've gotten to lazy to photoshop my pictures. I love my squirrel candle that I got at Target a few years ago and the leaves I waxed and have kept them from year to year. The little black squirrel looks a bit like a skunk. The grandkids and family crafted these a few years ago with cookie cutters for the shapes and construction paper, beans and grains. I'm using a lot of browns this year.

This is my Tasha Tudor owl that my dd made. I love him. He's shed a few feathers and could use some new ones.

Last but not least my little scarecrow that I got at a craft fair. I needlefelted the pumpkin. My gd taught me how to needlefelt but I didn't go very far with it, but I put this little guy out every year.

That's it. The house feels very cozy and the weather is grey and cool so I'm tucked up inside with my dvd's and my books. I just finished watching "The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency". I've watched it before but never watched the special features which were really good, talking about Africa and the culture there. I tried reading the books once before and couldn't get into them, but I decided to try again.

Have a good and blessed Sunday.

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