Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

I wanted to put up the rest of my Christmas decorating photos before it's too late.

This was another new ornament I got this year. I thought he was so cute.

I spread my village pieces around this year, this is in the kitchen window.


Some of my Santa collection.

I didn't use everything I have this year. I wanted to simplify a bit. So as I said we're celebrating Christmas on the 22 but we didn't want the 25th to be just another day so we decided to get together on that day too in the afternoon and play some board games, watch holiday movies and we drew names for a small gift each so we had something to open and lots of good snacky type food. We limited gifts to one each except for the girls and so I want to talk about what we want to do next year. I was thinking it would be nice to each do some kind of a help the needy thing and share what we did.


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