Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Mantle and Bento Boxes

This is my winter look. I usually go for this sort of early spring look right after the holidays. We've had some pretty dark, grey days and I missed the Christmas lights so I decided to add some. Lighting candles also helps.

I've been busy getting my office set up for the new year. I also go through my files in Jan. There wasn't much to do this year and so I also cleared out my pantry and next I plan to clean woodwork in the kitchen.

I just finished a mystery by Carola Dunn called "Black Ship", a Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. It's British and I really enjoyed it.  I'm just starting the first book in the series and plan to read the whole series.

I have a new interest in the cooking realm, Bento Boxes. My gd like to make them. They are basically Japanese lunch boxes, that have become very popular. They are hard to describe so here is a link. I got interested in them because they are colorful and look likes lots of fun. I like the idea of filling up little sections with interesting food and it doesn't have to be Japanese recipes, but I look forward to learning some. I guess I'm looking for some inspiration for the lunchtime meal. I struggle with that meal. Also I want to keep learning new things and so this in one of the things I plan to play with this year.

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