Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is the second book I've read from The Oxford chronicles. I didn't realize that I read the last book first and this is actually the first book of the series. This one is set in the '60's and I was disappointed in the first few pages when I found out that C.S. Lewis had died because I so enjoyed hearing about him. However he was still very much a part of this story and his teachings. One of the main characters is a young women from the south in the USA that is starting college in Oxford. She is studying literature and in this story you get to see a little more about what it would be like to be a student there and the area. It's called Inklings because her tutor has decided to start a new Inklings and carry on the tradition started by C.S. Lewis and his friends. Tokien is still alive and he comes to there group to answer questions and do a reading. Here is a link to the authors website. She has some nice photos of England on it.

 What I got out of this book is a desire to read some classics again and be more selective in my reading. I would have loved to be a student at Oxford, but my theme for this blog is being a life long learner and so it is never too late to educate yourself. It's also very encouraging as a Christian on doing what you know is the right thing and being strong. I'm enjoying these books so much I think these are books I'm going to want tor read over and over again and so I decided to but them. I got used copies through Amazon pretty cheap.

I've also been watching Inspector Lewis which is all filmed in Oxford. It is an off shoot of Inspector Morse which was also filmed there.


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